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All praise is for Allah and blessings be on all the prophets of Allah.I am a final year medical student and a student of Quran and Hadith as well. After recognising the immense importance of ethics in medicine and almost complete absence of Islamic medical ethics , I have started on a very long journey of establishing an Islamic Medical Ethics Board.Initially I would work on this subject and try to give an introduction to Islamic Medical Ethics which will surely take some time, but I hope InshaAllah I will be able to give it an enough start.

In todays world of immense technological advancement, new ethical issues seem to come up which need to be answered not only for 1.6 billion muslims of the world but also for the rest of humanity which need an alternative.

Please pray for me as I have undertaken a great task, that may Allah help me in serving His religion and humanity to make this world a better place to live.

Abdul Muqtadir Abbasi

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