Tuesday, 27 January 2015

HIV A.I.D.S and Marriage in Islam

All praise is for Allah and blessings be on RasulAllah salalahoalihiwasalm.

Following issues have been agreed upon by Ulema(authentic islamic scholars) regarding A.I.D.S:

1-If any A.I.D.S patient does not reveal his disease and marry a woman, she(the woman) has the right to fasakh* nikah(marriage agreement).

2-If after marriage, a man aquires A.I.D.S and it reaches a level where his symptoms get very worse, again, the woman has the right to fasakh nikah.

3-If an A.I.D.S patient become pregnant and according to qualified medical doctors her child would be affected by the disease for sure, the woman can be given permission to do abortion before life starts in a child ie. according to Islamic Jursiprudents as 140 days.

4-It is the responsibility of the person who has A.I.D.S to reveal his illness to his family and associates, also to use safety precautions for others.

5-If the A.I.D.S patient is not allowing his doctor to reveal his illness, but the Doctor belives that hiding his illness will cause harm to his family, friends or others who are associated with him, it is the responsibility of the doctor, to report to the Health Department and related persons.

6-A.I.D.S patients should not be left alone and neglected, and it is the duty of his family, friends and society to take care of him while taking precautions. including taking his care, medicines and treatment.

7-Children who have A.I.D.S should not be devoid of education and taking all precautions, arrangements should be made for their basic right to education.

8-It is better to avoid visiting areas where A.I.D.S is endemic, but if there is immense need, then there is an exception to this rule.

9-If an A.I.D.S patient intentionally tries to transmit his disease to a healthy person, this act is haram, gunah- e kabira( great sin),and this person will be liable to punishment by law.

Source : Islamic Fiqh India

* fasakh - This word is a term of fiqh(islamic jurisprudince) and should be discussed with a qualified scholar of Islam.All matters before taking any action should be dealt with an alim.This article is just for information purpose.


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